Yuan Yang Rice Terraces

​The drive to Yuan Yang the next day was a long one. Over six hours long, part of the road is quite rough so if you do rent a car, an SUV would be ideal. The road is also windy so make sure to take some motion sickness medication beforehand.

When we got there, the visibility was pretty bad and we could not see the Terraces and  had to change our initial plan to go to the Tiger Mouth viewing spot. We ended checking into the hotel instead. Beyond the Cloud Inn was located right on the edge of the road by the Terraces, although is a bit of a walk from the main road since cars cannot go in. The manager, Xiao Long, was really accommodating and helped us throughout the stay. One of the more modern hotels, do stay here if you are a bit more particular with accommodations. Beds even come with a heated blanket – perfect for the chilly weather! With not alot of restaurants nearby, we decided to just eat at the hotel. The restaurant has no menu so you simply choose what food you want. Obviously, the rice was delicious and you can opt to have it fried with egg. The pork is also very tasty but the chicken is on the pricier side, costing almost a 100 Yuan.

Known for the Rice Terraces, most people come to Yuan Yang to get a glimpse of the sunset and sunrise. Unfortunately for us, we were unable to catch either due to the weather. However, there are plenty of scenic spots that you can go to to get a view of the magnificence of the Terraces. Even with the poor weather we were able to catch a glimpse of the Terraces. The beauty of it truly justifies the long journey and is one that must be visited! Some activities to do in while in the area would be to also visit the many ethnic villages that surround the Terraces and have been around for hundreds of years. 


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