Back to the City 

​Our second day in Kunming we drove over two hours to the Naigu Stone Forest Scenic Park. One of many parks within the Stone Forest, this one is less touristy and the entrance is alot cheaper at only 60 Yuan. There are alot of trails to take but if you are in a rush, the Hilltop View is a must and gives you a stunning panoramic view of the whole area. The main tracks should only take an hour and a half but you do have the option to take other trails that could take up almost half a day. 

Near the area are the Jiuxiang Caves. It costs 90 Yuan to go in and boasts impressive geological marvels. The Twin Waterfalls and the Terraces are the main attractions and cannot be missed. There is only one main track that takes you all around the caves where you end right by a chair lift that takes you back down to the main entrance. The lift costs 30 Yuan but if you want to save, can take the trek back.

The day ended with a delicious roast duck dinner in the town of Yi Liang. A town known for its roast duck, it is halfway back to Kunming and is a great stop to reward all the hiking. The restaurants serve alot of local dishes such as fried goat cheese and local ham, both worth a try!


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