Drive to Da Li

​Our last day in Li Jiang was a busy one. We started with a drive to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. There you need to pay an entrance of 130 Yuan just to enter the park. You have received option of taking the cable car to either the Meadow or the Glacier, with the latter being more expensive. Once you get to the ticketing office, you have to pay an additional 75 Yuan for a ticket that includes the shuttle to the base of the station and the cable car itself. Once you get off the cable car, it is another fifteen minute walk to the Meadow, a field with a view of the renowned mountains. During the high season from May to October, the Meadow is filled with lush green grass and herds yaks, which were unfortunately not around. The snow capped mountains do reman year-round and is still a great time to visit if you want to avoid the crowd.

Right by the base of the station are shuttles that take you to the Blue Lake Valley, a series of lakes known for its green blueish hue. The view is like a painting with torquoise lakes surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Our next stop was Bei Sha village, a town on the way to our next destination Da Li. As with all old towns, Bei Sha is lined with booths of vendors selling both food and goods. The town is known for its embroidery and is a five hundred year tradition, with schools offering to teach anyone for free. One of the main attractions are the Fresco paintings. This, along with the town, is a stop that can easily be skipped. 


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