Strolling Around Li Jiang 

​The next day we were greeted by our tour guide Sarah who we had booked over the internet after reading reviews on Trip Advisor. Her daily fee is $150, and includes the rental of a car. After getting picked up, we drove almost six kilometers away to the old city of Li Jiang. There is an entrance fee of 80 Yuan and inside, the city is filled with shops peddling a variety of local wares. Locally made scarves are plentiful and boasts traditional patterns. They are sold at different prices so do make sure to ask around with the cheapest I found being 10 Yuan. Make sure to also try the famous flower cakes and yak meat jerky. The old city spreads across a large area and it would be hard to cover all the alleys. As with most markets, the stores do tend to sell the same items over and over so you can skip a large portion of the old city. Some of the required spots to check out would be the main city center and the water wheel. 

Included in the entrance fee is access to the Black Dragon Lake, so be sure to keep the ticket. A short drive away from the Old City, it is a scenic and peaceful park whose picturesque bridges and towers that are synonymous with Li Jiang and often found on city postcards. 

The next day was the big hike at the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Do make sure to bring sunscreen and proper attire as the trail is quite intense. Admission to enter the park is 65 Yuan and must be purchased at the Tiger Leaping Town before heading up. 

Usually most tours simply take you to a lookout point but there is also the option of taking a two hour hike from the top, back down to the main road. Do make the trek if you have the time, the landscape is unbelievable with tall mountains surrounding the trail with mere steps away from the gorge – perfect for those looking for a thrill.


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