Hong Kong Holiday

​We took an afternoon flight to Hong Kong just in time for New Year’s Eve. This time, we decided to stay on the Kowloon side and got a great rate for the Shangri-la in Tsim Sha Tsui through Pan Pacific Travel. At just over Php 10,000 a night, the rooms were luxurious with alot of space, a rarity in Hong Kong. The hotel is close to the main shopping district along Nathan road, making it a convenient place to stay.

The next day we walked around Nathan road and chanced upon Ah Yat restaurant. Located in the iSquare building, the one Michelin star restaurant boasted amazing views of the harbour. A restaurant known for its Abalone, the selections were plenty. We decided to go with another set menu that included the seafood delicacy along with the ever popular roast duck and suckling pig. The food here is delicious and I would definitely go back!

The last meal of the trip was just steps away from the hotel. Found on the second floor of the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Shanghai Min is a chain restaurant with locations all around Hong Kong. It has been around for over thirty years and for good reason – the food is unique and offers a creative selection of interesting dishes.

After dinner I went to meet some friends over in Wan Chai to a pub called Stone Nullah. Filled with expats, it is a cozy pub that is great for small groups but struggled to accommodate our large party. We then moved to the Pawn; a landmark in Hong Kong, it used to be a pawnshop but was transformed to a restaurant and bar. They had a wide selection of cocktails and the venue was a great place to lounge. 


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