Universal Studios Japan

For our final full day in Osaka, we decided to go to Universal Studios Japan. Fairly close to the city, you have to transfer a few times as it has its own line to go to the park. It had been a while since I was there and they had added a few new areas, one being Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. As with all amusement parks, the lines were incredibly long.

Luckily, we got express passes which are well worth it! There are many options depending on how many rides you want to go on and we settled on the Express 7. For the more popular rides, you need to reserve a timeslot in advance so make sure to do that online. We got to check out the new Harry Potter 4D ride (after making an online reservation), with little to no wait at all and it definitely was one of the more thrilling and exciting rides. I did however get a bit dizzy so would advise anyone that gets motion sick to take medication. The Hippogriff coaster ride right across the Hogwart’s Castle however, was way too short for the length of the line and is one that can be skipped. One thing to note however, is that all the rides are in Japanese with no English subtitles or translation, making it harder to appreciate but still loads of fun!

For our final dinner we went to Zuientei for a Kaiseki (Japanese Set Course) dinner. One stop away from Osaka station, the restaurant is a favorite among locals and is considered to be one of the best in the city! Authentic Osaka food, each course was expertly prepared by the chef with a unique mix of many local ingredients. For those looking to experience true local cuisine, away from the common sushi and teppanyaki, make sure to try a Kaiseki meal and appreciate the simple yet delicately prepared dishes.


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