Japan Journeys

​Upon arriving in Osaka, I’m always amazed at how efficient and organised everything is. Immigration was no different. Our flight landed along with a few other flights but even with all the influx of people, the officers still managed to process us quickly.

The flight on the way there with JetStar was a no frills flight, allowing me to sleep all the way without getting disturbed for one thing or another. Getting a good deal on the ticket, I only paid around Php6,000 roundtrip. Prompt departure also got us to our destination host half an hour earlier than expected! 

We then grabbed our bags and headed to the arrival hall when we were greeted by our business friends who drove us to the Hyatt Regency Osaka where we were staying.

Unlike most other hotel rooms, the ones in the Hyatt were exceptionally larger! The Club room that we were put up in had expansive views of the bay complete with automated curtains. The hotel however, is quite far from the main part of the city and difficult to get to even with the intricate public transportation system of Japan. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you want to be in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

For dinner, we went to the Irodori, the teppanyaki restaurant right in the hotel. An authentic Japanese experience, this place does not have all the theatrics of the teppanyaki places we have grown accustomed to. Food is served as a set and prepared right before you. We went with the most expensive option and were amazing at the freshness of the ingredients. Even the prawns were still alive when being cooked, jumping around the grill!

The set also included seared foie gras and wagyu beef, adding to the already extravagant menu and making one of the top teppanyaki restaurants in my book!


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