Melbourne City Exploring

Melbourne was the next stop on the itinerary. The airport is huge and I actually missed my designated airline baggage claim so make sure to look out for the signs. We took a cab to the CBD, which cost roughly AUD50. There were no UberX cars available and the black service would have cost substantially more.

Driving into the city, you can immediately feel the charm of Melbourne. Amazing architecture and artistic designs all around, it is so easy to fall in love with the city. The downtown core also provides a free tram within a certain area and makes it easier to explore the city.

Our hotel, the Radisson Flagstaff, corners the downtown district and felt quite out of the way, having to walk more than five minutes to get to the bustling shopping areas. The rooms were also quite small compared to the previous hotels with twin beds instead of queens.

For dinner, we decided on +39, an authentic pizzeria right by Hardware Lane. Although the pizzas were amazing, the pastas on the other hand were very inadequate and I would definitely avoid getting them.

Everything in the city closes fairly early at around 5pm but there are night markets open in the summer months.


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