The Great Ocean Road Trip

The next day was a packed one. We rented a car with Budget just a few blocks away from the hotel. Booking online and early gets you a better deal so make sure to plan ahead.

We made that drive down the Great Ocean Road and were so impressed by the natural beauty of the coast. Along the way there are quite a few lookout points but most are closely spaced together so it would be best to just choose to stop at a select few with a different view of the coastal beauty.

On the way there, we also made a quick stop at Sheoak Falls. A short thirty minute hike back and forth, the falls are small and nothing spectacular but the trail gets you up close to it and makes it a good driving break for everyone to stretch their legs.

We stopped by the town of and ate at Bottle of a Milk, a burger joint with a lot of vegetarian options as well. I settled on the Nelly and the tried the Blue Cheese Burger. The burgers were quite small and the meat was tough and overcooked, but they were tasty with a good mix of the condiments.

After lunch, we continued on to our journey and after driving just over an hour, finally reached Gibson Steps. Not one to miss, this place is surreal and like a scene from a movie. Make sure to go down the steps to soak up the awesomeness of the scenery.

The drive back to Melbourne was a quicker one as you can take an alternate route from the coastal road and cuts through. We made a quick stop at Geelong on the way back and tried Preston’s, a steakhouse chain known for their Australian Beef. We tried a few on the cuts and I would recommend the porterhouse for its tenderness and full flavour. The delicious, filling steak was definitely a great end to the full day we had and prepared us for the hour long drive back to the city.


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