Journey through the Kuranda Rainforest

The next day before our excursion to Kuranda village, we had breakfast at the local coffeeshop Grind and Bean, another Trip Advisor recommendation. The food was on the pricier side and quite average, costing around AUD15-20 for a breakfast sandwich.

We then went back to our hotel for our 9:30am pickup to the Skyrail Station. The ride was a quick ten minutes and once we got to the station and checked in, boarded the Sky Rail and began our journey to Kuranda. There are a couple stops on the way and with the pass, allows you to hop on and off.


The first stop is a quick we all around a boardwalk which gives you the opportunity to see the plants up close. There is also a guided tour that starts right outside the station. Led by tour guide Dan, the tour is full of interesting information and definitely sheds a new light on the wonders and intricacies of the plant and animal kingdoms.



The next stop takes you to a lookout point for the Barron Gorge. The water flow is quite low during the dry season so for a better viewing, make sure you go during the wet months. The last stop is Kuranda village. The least impressive part of the trip, was more of a tourist trap with lots of stores and overpriced restaurants. However, the Kuranda Rainforest View Restaurant was a refreshing option from the many mediocre restaurants. Offering typical Australian fare, we opted to try the Kangaroo Burger and the Crocodile Sausage. The food was simply ordinary and did not taste too different than the regular meat although was still interesting to try.



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