Final Destination 

​We left Surigao shortly after breakfast and continue on to the final day of driving. Cruising through the highway, passing town after town, we stumbled upon a local restaurant perched atop a cliff. The views of the restaurant were impressive and the establishment large and clean. The restaurant, like most places found on the side of the road, have food served cafeteria style – you choose from already cooked dishes. Make sure to find a place that is already packed with people, locals are picky so this ensures you are going with the best in the area! 

A few kilometres up the road we stopped by a street side fruit vendor. The store offered a variety of local delicacies, including the infamous Durian. My first time trying the fruit, it was extremely pungent and had a sharp bite to it – definitely an acquired taste. They also had Marang, a sweet fruit similar to star apple; lansones, and mangosteen. The price here is alot cheaper than the city so make sure to take advantage of it and get your fill! As a comparison, Mangosteen costs Php 70/Kilo whereas in Manila it could cost up to Php 200/Kilo. 

A few more hours driving and we finally reached our final destination, Cagayan De Oro. The road trip was over and it was a bittersweet feeling. As someone who gets easily motion sick, I was dreading the trip and was reluctant to go but in the end it all paid off. I was able to experience the beauty of the Philippine landscape and indulge in all the extreme activities at a fraction of the cost of the countries. For those that have yet to explore this country, it is one to add to the bucket list. 


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