The Road Less Traveled

We left Manila just before the break of dawn and embarked on our weeklong journey to Cagayan dr Oro. The national highway was definitely not what I had imagined – ‘highway’ was an overstatement, with the two lane stretch the only access across provinces. The first stop of our road trip from Manila to Cagayan de Oro was Caramoan, one of the locations used for Survivor Philippines. The road leading to the town was unpaved and windy, a deadly combination for anyone with the slightest susceptibility to motion sickness. I would definitely encourage taking some Gravel beforehand!
There weren’t too many accommodation options and we settled on the West Peninsula Villas, a few kilometres away from the port. For Php 1,000 a night, the place was a great deal! Clean, a friendly staff, and amenities such as a swimming pool and pool table, I would recommend this place to anyone on budget.

One of the staff also referred a boat operator for the island hopping excursion, the mustdo of the area. We paid Php 3,500 for a full day trip to see all Caramoan had to offer. The first stop was a sandbar that had floating villas available for rent. For only Php 200, you could enjoy the most spectacular view, and enjoy the freshest seafood for sale.

The next few islands were equally as surreal – preserved and in pristine condition, each island had its own charm. From the softest and finest sand to a snorkeling haven, Camaroan is an ideal destination for travelers in search for the unfamiliar.


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